Mainly shingle, to suit all tastes

There is a variety of beaches and coves with crystal clear waters. Sandy or shingle, secluded or much frequented, for nudists or not, with waterside traditional taverns or canteens, for snorkelling, underwater fishing or just swimming, with sun beds, umbrellas and sea sports, or just the sun and you.

They are easy to reach by buses and taxis, by private vehicles (cars and mopeds, by boats and caiques or on foot.

The bus stop and the taxi rank are both at the quayside and from here you can journey out to the beach of your choice.

The local bus service is pretty good, with busses running regularly, according to the time table which you will find there.

Also available for hire are runabout boats from Panormos beach, equipped with outboard motors, ideal for exploring a long coastline, not readily accessible on foot, where are some beautiful, deserted coves; even the inhabited islet of Saint George, tucked in between Skopelos and Alonnissos.

There is no more peaceful way of spending a day, than by taking a picnic lunch to your own private beach and share it with the seagulls.

Notes :

  1. You will always find a sheltered beach, no matter from which direction the wind blows. For example you may try south beaches when it is a north wind or the opposite. To those who enjoy "big ocean" and surf type of waves, try the north beaches on a northerly wind day.

  2. The north and north-east beaches of the island are less developed and accessible only by private vehicle (car, moped) or boat.

  3. Underwater Diving: Diving without authorization is not permitted everywhere. Before practising your favourite sport therefore, you must refer to the local port authorities. Areas for underwater diving without authorization: Mikro Adelphi.

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