Adrines beaches

ADRINES are on the south-western coast, on the bus route.

Geographical position Latitude : N 39,07 - Longitude : E 23,44

Those are the little coves which are sprawling in idyllic settings on a long line after Panormos, 12,5 to 13 km from Skopelos town. Most of them are isolated and quiet. Shingle, with shades of pine trees, are easily reached on foot from the main road.

The Myth : They were named after Adrina, who was a female pirate. The legend says that she came to Skopelos with her ship and her men to plunder the island. The men disembarked and Adrina anchored her ship off those coves to wait for them. The pirates were ambushed by the Skopeletes and when Adrina heard the news she committed suicide.

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