Glossa area North-East beaches

  AGHIOS IOANNIS sto KASTRI : Off the way to Glossa. The small beaches are opposite the chapel of Aghios Ioannis, which is perched high on the rock and surrounded by sea. For more information about the chapel of Aghios Ioannis, click here.
  PERIVOLIOU : 4 km from Glossa village, not far from Hondros Yiorgos beach, secluded and remote, is the last north-east beach of the area. Fine singles and shades from impressive rocks.
  KANALAKI or THE DEAD WOMAN : It is situated between Perivoliou and Hondroyiorgos. 4,5 km from Glossa Village and 28,5 km from Skopelos Town. On the same road to Hondroyiorgos there is a small turn to the left where you should leave your private vehicle and then follow the path. It is the most secluded and remote beach of Skopelos Island and maybe the nicest one. Accessible by feet; fine singles, clear  water and shades from impressive rocks.
  HONDROYIORGOS or HONDROS YIORGOS (which means the Fat George) : 4,5 km from Glossa, secluded and remote, not far from Perivoliou beach. It is accessible by private vehicle.

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