Sares beaches

Sares Sares

SARES beaches lie on the north coast

They are accessible only by boat

These are two wildly beautiful coves which lie along the northern coastline of the island, almost outside the harbour of Skopelos Town. The coves have never been spoilt by human presence and the natural conditions remain preserved. Here we can watch as flocks of seagulls happily nest and it is even possible to catch sight of a seal or a dolphin.

Each winter brings a powerful harmony of weather that can transform the landscape. Strong north winds, furious crashing waves and downpours of rain wash from the hills skirting the beach, all combining to reshape and re-craft the shingle beach and coves. As each summer begins, the coves may have been altered, but they remain impressive and wildly beautiful. The giant, smooth boulders which emerge from the sea are a home to countless species of marine life, shells and crustaceans. And, as the weather improves, the coves also become a natural haven for the nudist sunbather, paradise!

They have fine singles, clear crystal waters and views to neighbouring islands. They are accessible only by private boat. A paradise to nudist bathing!

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