Important Notice for Property Owners in Greece
The Greek Parliament passed a new law under number 4014/21-09-2011 which gives the opportunity of regularization illegal structures, such as: swimming pools, dwellings, unlawfully erected installations or building conversions.

Buying and Selling
According to the new law, no property can be sold or even transferred without a statutory declaration signed by a civil engineer that the property meets all building codes. Owners and potential buyers who proceed with a sale or transfer without first obtaining this certificate could face a fine of 30,000 up to 100,000 euros and a six-month prison sentence.

Legalising the illegal
Under the new law, owners of illegal dwellings will have until the end of November 2011, by which to file the initial application to the Ministry of Environment. They will then have until December 22nd to pay the first monthly instalment of the fine, or they can pay the entire amount in full and benefit from a 20% discount. According to size, age, etc. of the illegal construction, the fee ranges between 500 and 6,000 euros.

The process is in 5 steps as follows:
1. The civil engineer inspects the illegally built dwelling
2. The civil engineer has until November 30, 2011 to submit the application and obtain the Special Reference Number for each dwelling, the payment invoice for the fine and the payment plan.
3. The owner pays the fee at any bank or the Post Office.
4. The owner has until December 22, 2011, by which to pay the first monthly instalment of the fine.
5. The civil engineer has until the end of March 2012 by which to submit all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Environment in order to finalise the legalisation procedure

For cost calculation or any further information contact:
Iro Rekka
Civil Engineer

Mobile: +30 6947139343