We are flying into Skiathos airport. How do we get to Skiathos harbour from Airport?
  You should take a taxi, just outside the airport to the Hydrofoil Booking Office at the port.
Is it a lot easier to fly direct to Skiathos from Manchester than via Athens etc.?
  Yes. Easier and quicker. Then catch the first hydrofoil or ferry to Skopelos.
What is the sea temperature on Skopelos ?

APRIL:16,7 C, MAY:17.6 C, JUNE:20,8 C, JULY:23,5 C, AUGUST:24,5 C, SEPTEMBER:23,5 C, OCTOBER:21,5 C

How many towns and villages are there on the island ?
  The island has one main town: Skopelos town, and three villages: Glossa, Elios and Klima.
Which is a basic difference between Skopelos (Sporades) and the Cyclades ?
  Unlike the Cyclades, which are famous for their bareness, Skopelos is verdant, with lush forests and trees.
Which neighbouring islands could be visited in a day trip ?
  Alonnissos and Skiathos all year round. Skyros during summer.
Is there a nudist beach on the island ?
  Yes. Velanio is the unofficial nudist beach. Also, the area at the very end of Milia beach
Is it possible to rent a little boat on Skopelos island, to visit the north beaches ?
Is there a camping on the island ?
  No, there is no organised camping on the island. Please note that free camping is strictly forbidden.
Are there banks that have cash machines that can be used with bank cards ?
What is the availability of a personal, residential internet connection on the island ?
  There are available in Skopelosisland all the types of internet connections: DIALUP, ISDN, and ADSL.
Is there an Internet cafe ?
  There are two (2) Internet cafes in Skopelos town.
Is Skopelos the island where Mamma Mia! was filmed?
  Yes. Click here to see photos from the filming.
Does the church in the movie Mamma Mia! really exist? If so can you be married there?
  Yes, the church really exists. You can be married here, as far as you are an Orthodox Christian.
What voltage is the electric supply ?
  The electric supply is 220-230 V.
Is underwater diving permitted everywhere ?
  Underwater diving without authorization is not permitted everywhere. Before practising your favourite sport therefore, you must refer to the local port authorities. Areas for underwater diving without authorization : Mikro Adelphi.

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