small business for sale -  ROOMS TO LET

9 rooms, reception desk, small garden, 1 open plan studio, roof terrace

Situated in a residential area of Skopelos town, close to harbour, super markets, shops, cafés and restaurants. The building is on three storey, totalling 280 m˛ and is sold fully furnished.

Ground floor : 4 rooms, reception desk 120 m˛
Middle floor : 5 rooms 120 m˛
Top Floor : open plan studio with kitchen 40 m˛
Top Floor : roof terrace 80 m˛
Exteriors : small garden  

All nine rooms have twin beds, en-suite bathrooms with shower / wc, and French doors to private balconies with view to the sea and the harbour of Skopelos. The rate of the rooms is at 50 € per night in the high season, being lower before and after it.

This is a sympathetic, easy to run small business, and the new owner may stay on the roof terrace studio. We are sorry, but we should not publish any photos of this property.

Price : 380.000

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