International calls

To make international calls is very easy and as well as the Public Telephone Office, there are many telephone booths operated with cards, available from Tobacco kiosks and super-markets.

For international calls the code for Skopelos is: +30 24240...

Within the boundaries of the Greek State the code is: 24240...

From a land-line telephone set (O.T.E. telephone company)

Urban call 0,03 / minute*
Long-distance call 0,08 / minute*
International call **   0,25 / minute*

From a land-line telephone set (O.T.E. telephone company)

COSMOTE (mobile telephone company)

0,29 / minute*

VODAFON (mobile telephone company)

0,32 / minute*

TELESTET (mobile telephone company)

  0,32 / minute*

* plus VAT 15 %

** Cyprus, European community countries, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Japan, Albania etc.