1. Camping

Wild camping, parking or use of camping accommodation outside the authorized campsites is strictly FORBIDDEN, under very serious penalties. Law 2160/93, article 4/1, and Law 2741/99 article 21/1.

2. Underwater Diving
Dyo Adelphia (Two Brothers) islets Dyo Adelphia (Two Brothers) islets

Diving without authorization is not permitted everywhere. As far as we are informed, the island of Mikro Adelphi (in the National Marine Park of North Sporades) is an area for underwater diving without authorization. Before practising your favourite sport therefore, you should refer to the local port authorities, to avoid misunderstandings and conflictions.

Mikro Adelphi (Small Brother) islet
3. Parking

Parking is not permitted everywhere! It is often that, drivers who park illegally are surprised to get a ticket from the local police and pay a fine. The large parking area next to the harbour (behind the bus station) is free, and a safe place to park your vehicle.