Skopelos Island Climate - Greece

(observed in Skyros)


Average Max. Atmosphere Temperature

Sea Temperature

Average Hours of Sunshine

  C F C
April 18.0 64.4 16.7 8
May 22.4 72.3 17.6 9
June 26.7 80.0 20.8 10
July 28.6 83.4 23.5 11
August 28.4 83.1 24.5 11
September 25.0 77.0 23.5 9
October 20.7 69.2 21.5 7

The temperature of  the coldest months 
from November to March range between 11 to 8.7 C


  Summer is usually defined as May through to October and winter as November through April.

  A cool and soothing breeze accompanies the rising heat during August.

Skopelos is a mountainous island and you will always find plenty of sheltered beaches, no matter from which direction the wind blows. For example you may try south beaches when there is a north wind or the opposite. To those who enjoy "big ocean" and surf type of waves, try the north beaches on a northerly wind day.

The climate is rainy from November to February. March is unpredictable. April can be both rainy and sunny. April has the advantage to be a lot warmer, perhaps not for swimming but at least for sun bathing on the beaches. During the winter and spring months the south and west beaches are known for having temperatures that are above the ones of the town.

Skopelos Town


You will be surprised to know that it can even snow in Skopelos. This varies from year to year and has proven to be a delightful and surprising experience.