Night Life

Night Life

For those preferring late nights, Skopelos town is great fun, particularly July and August, and so addictive that people return here year after year. Lovely   waterside or hilltop bars where you can sip your cocktail, enjoying stunning views and watching the twinkle of distance lights reflected in the still water of the harbour.

Bohemian night clubs, fancy discos playing the latest hits and  music halls compose the variety of  a lively night life. Also, Greek Bouzouki places with famous singers and bouzouki players. All remain open until late. There are some traditional open-air taverns organizing "Greek nights" with live music, dancing and lot of fun. Greek or western style, you can dance the night away until early morning.



Skopelos is one of the very few places in Greece where authentic "rembetica" songs are deeply rooted since their arrival from Asia Minor in the early 1900's. Greece is and has always been a great attraction to the world, not only because of its beautiful islands and tourist facilities but also because of its ancient history, its culture and its contribution to civilization thousands of years ago.

"Anatoli" ouzerie perched high on the top of the ancient castle offers unique nights.

The land chosen by the gods has witnessed the first musical instruments and scores.

Many consider rembetica songs the heirs of Greek folk songs, and in fact functioned as such until the Asia Minor catastrophe in 1922. From then on however, things changed rapidly. The districts in Greece where Asia Minor refugees settled soon began to fill up with night clubs, where rembetica songs reached their peak of popularity during the pre-war period.

"I can never forget how poor I was during those years, when I was unemployed and no one took the slightest pity for me", said Yiannis Lelakis in an interview. "I was very poor, the poorest person in Drapetsona. I had no bread to eat, no clothes to wear. Then I wrote my first song, a song that I had really lived, putting into it everything I had experienced at that time..."

ANATOLI : The famous "Anatoli" ouzerie perched high on the top of the ancient castle offers unique nights under the stars, with view of the sea and live music. Giorgos Xidaris and his orchestra play authentic rembetica until late. An experience you should not miss!

Telephone: 0030 24240 22851

ANATOLI ouzerie


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