Theodoris, the seal

Theodoris - one month old / October 1990

It was end of October 1990 and a sudden storm was breaking out on Skopelos. Theo, the owner of Hotel Agnanti was looking out of his window the rough sea. He was sipping his coffee, relaxing after an other busy summer.

Suddenly, he saw something moving between the waves. "Is it possible?" he wondered. Yes, it was a baby seal, who was swept by the huge waves towards the shore. Theo, rushed out to the beach. The baby did not know how to swim and its life was in danger.

Theo tried hard to save it and his efforts succeeded. He brought the little seal to the hotel and he phoned the biologists, who gave him full directions for the first-aid. The baby stayed at the hotel for two days. It followed Theo everywhere, as it believed that he was its father, and it was crying when Theo left it for some minutes. The biologists pronounced that the baby was one month old and weighed 20 kilos. It was named THEODORIS, after Theo.

Theo and Theodoris in October 1990



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