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Distance from Volos : 12 nautical miles

The island of Trikeri, in the south of Pagasitic gulf and at the tip of the Magnesia peninsula, is particularly beautiful and remains, architecturally at least, more or less unchanged since the beginning of the century. It is not much more than a mile across, and a less than a thirty minutes walk takes one across to the other side of the island. With a population of fewer than 100, it is so little known that it doesn't even get a mention in most guidebooks.


The island is free of any traffic (no roads, no cars) and transport is by foot, donkey or boat. There are plenty of olive trees, juniper, oleander and wild flowers. Its untouched bush land and crooked pathways, its numerous wildlife and the stunning sunsets provide the perfect environment to get away from it all. There are dozens of remote coves to be found around the entire coastline; Trikeri, Pithos and Ai Giannis are pebble, while Afetica, Ai Giorgis,  Pithu and Agia Sophia are sandy and pebble.

The sleepy village -named Trikeri- has a couple of taverns and a mini market. There are very few visitors, even in the height of summer.



The island is dominated by the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, which is a 15 minutes' walk from the quay and well worth the stroll. It has a small 18th-century church with an arcaded courtyard of cells, and an overgrown garden of orange trees and Madonna lilies. Guests are welcome to visit at certain times of the week.

  1. The island has sea connections by  the "HELLENIC SEAWAYS", which owns high speed vessels of type High-speed (Flying Cat & Flying Dolphins) and conventional type vessels (Passenger Car Ferry Type), to Volos, Aghia Kiriaki and the North Sporades island complex.
  2. If you are driving you can follow the road to Alogoporos, which is situated a little before Trikeri village (on the mainland).
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