Buying Property
Some of  the positive sides of owing property in Skopelos are :
  • The landscape, which is spectacular with beautiful views round every corner.

  • The hospitality, which puts you in touch with local life and the whole Greek experience.

  • The climate, which guarantees sunshine from April to September.

Some of  the downsides of owing property in Skopelos are :

  • The risk of getting bad advice, being unrealistic and making a wrong judgment.

  • The difficulty in finding the right property in limited time.

  • The difficulty in dealing with complicated Greek laws and an unfamiliar legal system.

  • The problems involved in carrying out such a project from a distance.

  • The difficulty in organizing restoration and building where necessary.

To the potential client :
As a potential client you will want to be sure you can rely on professional services in any property matters you may enter into.
To often one hears of the illegal estate agent (middle man), giving bad advice, encouraging unrealistic expectations and fostering wrong judgments.  By the time the client realizes all is not well, it is often it is too late to avoid conflict, problems and possibly financial loss.
The services of a reputable legal estate agent are essential both for your peace of mind and for the successful completion of your venture.

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