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We are an independent Real Estate Greek Company, legally registered on Skopelos Island. We have experience in real estate business since 1980, and we specialize in:

  • The sale of  houses, cottages and plots.
  • New building construction.
  • Building restoration and refurbishment.
Our professional services include
  • Help and advice on the purchase of property, which will meet personal requirements.
  • Accompanied inspection visits to houses, cottages and plots of your choice.
  • Legal and financial advice on proceeding with the purchase.
  • Civil engineer certification that:
    a)  the property is built to legal construction standards.
    b)  the property has not been affected by earthquake.
  • Advice on planning procedures for new buildings.
  • Advice on restoration permit procedure for old buildings.
  • Supervisions of restoration or construction of buildings.
All these questions answered and more
  • Am I buying property in the right location?
  • Am I buying property at the right time?
  • Are there any hidden or additional costs?
  • Will I have problems selling the property in the future?
  • How do I get legal advice?
  • Is all property in Skopelos built to legal construction standards?
  • What deposit is required?
  • Can I jointly purchase property with friends or family?

To the potential client

As a potential client you will want to be sure you can rely on professional services in any property matters you may enter into.

To often one hears of the middle man or the illegal agent, giving bad advice, encouraging unrealistic expectations and fostering wrong judgments.  By the time the client realizes all is not well, it is often it is too late to avoid conflict, problems and possibly financial loss.

The services of a reputable legal estate agent are essential both for your peace of mind and for the successful completion of your venture.

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