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Monastery of Evangelistria
SKIATHOS island, North Sporades, Magnesia, Greece

Whatever mode of transport you use be sure to visit "Moni Evangelistria" (The holy monastery of Annunciation) one of the most remarkable monuments of North Sporades. Founded during the Byzantine period (1790-1860), it is surrounded by beautiful country side.

The remained parts of the monastery are the church, the cells of the South wing, the Estia (fireside) and the furnace. The church of the monastery, honoured to the "Annunciation of the Virgin", is in the cross-in-square. With three domes a truly magnificent iconostasis and many frescos, it gives strangers to the Greek church an idea of the strength and power that once held the people of Greece in such thrall. It also boasts an historical first as it is in this very place the official Greek flag was raised in 1807 and provided great economical and moral support during the Revolution of 1821.

The monastery's real treasure is the museum, where various articles and several artifacts from the past centuries are preserved, including Byzantine icons, liturgical vessels and utensils of the church, vestments, guns, etc. On 15 August the ceremony of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary takes place.

Access: The monastery is easily accessed by bus or car. It is 4.2 km north of Skiathos town, taking the right turn off the main road, right after bus stop 1. (You cannot see the monastery until you are on top of it). It takes about an hour if you walk but is a must see site.

Please note: When visiting churches and monasteries, shoulders and legs should be covered to avoid offence.
Contact and Information
Address : Monastery of Evangelistria, Skiathos, 37002, Magnesia, Greece
Entrance fee : Free admission



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